Antwort von Globale Rødder auf die gemeinsame Stellungnahme

On the Palestinian question and anti-Semitism:

On the Palestinian question and anti-Semitism: We have had fruitful discussions with German comrades about these issues. Global Roots is a decidedly anti-Zionist network and the concern expressed by German comrades about the risk of anti-Zionism and/or critique of the behaviour of the state of Israel slipping into becoming anti-Semitic is thus of importance to us: Everybody on the left should of course fight anti-Semitism wherever it is encountered.

But as we see it there is no logical or conceptual interconnection between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. The actual risk of anti-Zionist political actions or statements somehow furthering anti-Semitic points of view is thus heavily dependant on the context of the utterances – the place and historical background etc. makes a hell of a difference!

We are convinced that German history is of special in this respect: German comrades probably know better than we do if there is a risk in Germany of anti-Zionism slipping into anti-Semitism (or furthering it in any other way). But we are also sure that this risk does not exist in the same way in Denmark. Besides the historical differences between the countries, we can point to the fact that Dansk Folkeparti – the extreme right wing party currently being a support for what is obviously not „our" gouvernement – though known to have unofficial connections with Nazi groupings, is at the same time trying to pose as "Israel’s best ally in Denmark".

Though anti-Semitism of course does exist in Denmark, it was always much more insignificant than in Germany, thus the "natural" way for the right wing in Denmark to exploit xenophobia in connection with the Palestinian question is to try to create an image of a "culturally European" Israel threatened by dirty and criminal and Muslim primitives. This is part of the reason that we can assure you that concrete critique of the policy of the Israeli state regarding e.g. illegal settlements or breaches of fundamental human rights is by no means inherently having anti-Semitic undertones in Denmark.

It also goes some way to explain why display at demonstrations in Denmark of symbols of the Israeli state (flags etc.) works to express support of a supposed Israeli right to break the human rights, carry on with illegal settlements and treat Palestinians as second-class citizens. Obviously display of such symbols is thus not welcome in our actions.

Globale Rødder